Pastificio Venturino – Organic Basilico 500g


Infused with basil and made with only the finest ingredients, this pasta sauce is not only good for you but they will taste like ‘nonna’ used to make.

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Since 1856, the Venturino family, which is an old southern name in pasta making, have been producing top quality pasta from the region of Campania. The Pastificio Venturino range of Italian pasta sauces are truly authentic and made entirely from organic ingredients. This pasta sauce is ideal to create the delicious and rich home-made dishes that will bring a touch of Italy to your table!

Pastificio Venturino

Pastificio Venturino is an organic brand creating all natural, artisanal pasta sauces using cherished traditional recipes. Based in Campania in Southwestern Italy, they’ve been making divine pasta sauces from the freshest organic produce since 1856.