Vitalinti – Quinoa & Curry Meal 250g


Add this great product to soups, replace for rice, use to make a creative curry chicken recipe, or if you are short of time throw it on a plate, in the microwave and enjoy.



Quinoa is an ancestral food which has been harvested for hundreds of years by farmers in the Andes of Peru and played a vital role in feeding the Incas because of its extraordinary properties. This product maintains the same flavor, culture and Peruvian passion with which it was harvested during the time of the Incas. Furthermore, just as this food was unique in its time of discovery, we now offer a delicious ready to eat quinoa meal which even the Incas would travel in time to get a taste of.

Enjoy a product containing Iron, Calcium, Protein, and Fiber without the hassle of presoaking and cooking for time on end. Think of Vitalinti as your personal chef and enjoy this Quinoa Curry Style meal!


Vitalinti's goal is to offer the best native superfoods, snacks and healthy ready-to-eat products. Their products have not been altered or processed to maintain all the natural properties and nutrients. The products are sourced from Peru, a country where rich, high-quality superfoods grow. Vitalinti also supports fair trade with the Peruvian farmers, and strive to showcase their native products to the world.