MoVida – Mussels in Escabeche 115g


These MoVida mussels are produced for us by Real Conservas and make a great bar snack.

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These MoVida mussels are produced for us by Real Conservas. They’re farmed on the multitude of floating rafts that dot the waterways of Rias Baixas, where cold, nutrient rich water produces sweet, plump mussels.

The mussels are steamed open before being marinated in Escabeche, a traditional vinegar cure that’s more popular now as a sauce. It’s tangy vinegar and pimenton flavour cuts through the rich sweetness of the mussel.

The MoVida branded products are a result of the collaboration between premium Spanish producers and the acclaimed chef, Frank Camorra. The products are used in all the MoVida restaurants and have been part of the chefs’ repertoire for years.


The MoVida products are a collaboration between chef Frank Camorra of the Movida Restaurant group and some of their amazing Spanish producers.

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