Ortiz – Bonito Tuna in Olive Oil Jar 220g


Bonito del Norte is one of the prized species in the tuna family. Line-Caught and hand-packed premium tuna from Ortiz

White tuna (Bonito del norte), olive oil, salt



These Ortiz bonito tuna fillets in olive oil are from the thunnus alalunga, which is a small tuna that generally weighs less than 20kg. Caught off the Bay of Biscay using traditional methods, it is considered by the Spaniards the finest of tunas.

Every year Bonito del Norte tuna migrate north as far as the Bay of Biscay in northern Spain. During the summer they fatten up for their return journey south. Just when the tuna are in top shape, fishermen harvest them with fishing rods. Within 24 hours they are cooked in seawater and packed by hand in olive oil. The result is the most tender, silky preserved tuna in the world.


Conservas Ortiz was founded more than 100 years ago and is established in a small fishing village, Ondarroa, located in the North of Spain, on the Cantabrian Coast on the Bay of Biscay. With their commitment to sourcing the best fish possible and maintaining the high standard of preserving quality, Ortiz is one of the most recognisable brands for canned fish in the world.