Ortiz – Sardines in Olive Oil 140g


From North of Spain, on the Cantabrian Coast, these sardines have a cult following and are the go-to choice of chefs due to their quality, texture and flavour.

Sardines, olive oil, salt



These Ortiz Sardines come from the fertile waters of the Bay of Biscay. The fish are processed on the same day to ensure freshness. The fillets are lightly fried and then canned with olive oil. Sardines preserved like this will mature and mellow in flavour with age.
The term ‘a la Antigua’ on the can indicates the silver skin of the fish remains.

Ortiz sardines are plump and flaky. The glisten of the silver skin as well as the light flavour and delicate texture are characteristics that set Ortiz apart from competitors.


Conservas Ortiz was founded more than 100 years ago and is established in a small fishing village, Ondarroa, located in the North of Spain, on the Cantabrian Coast on the Bay of Biscay. With their commitment to sourcing the best fish possible and maintaining the high standard of preserving quality, Ortiz is one of the most recognisable brands for canned fish in the world.

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