Wadaman – Furikake (Ume and Sesame) 200g


Crunchy, umami-rich, and highly habit forming, furikake seasoning is a staple in many Japanese home kitchens.

Ingredients: Black Sesame Seeds, White Sesame, Freeze Dried Japanese Pickled Plum (Umeboshi), Shoyu, Salt, Aosa Seaweed.

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Founded in 1883, Sesame master Takehiro Wada of Wadaman has specially blended this Furikake. It’s both crunchy, nutty, salty and sour all at the same time. With an attractive colour and texture, it is an extremely versatile ingredient.

Traditionally Furikake is most often used to garnish rice but there are no end of innovative ways to use it. It’s great as a ‘Japanese dukkah’ with bread and butter or extra virgin olive oil, or as a coating for goats chevre.


Located in Osaka since 1883, Wadaman is renowned for producing the highest quality sesame products in Japan.