Wadaman – Organic Black Sesame Paste 1kg


Highly sought after by customers and resturants, this beautifully rich, thick and spoonable paste can be incorporated easily into any number of sauces or just dribbled onto food as is.

Ingredients: Roasted black sesame seeds

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Wadaman has been processing high-quality sesame in Osaka since 1883. Their care and attention to detail have elevated the humble sesame seed (goma) to an unbelievable level.

The alluring Wadaman sesame paste is made by carefully grinding roasted black sesame-seeds more than 5 times using a millstone.

It is versatile in it’s use. Can be spread on bread like jam, used to make a salad dressing, to make Dan Dan Mien noodles or incorporated into desserts.


Located in Osaka since 1883, Wadaman is renowned for producing the highest quality sesame products in Japan.