Cuca – Sardines in Lemon 120g


Cuca Sardines are cleaned, filleted and packed by hand and quickly processed to ensure freshness before being preserved in local Spanish olive oil infused with lemon.



These Cuca Sardines in Lemon are caught exclusively off the Galicia-Portugal coast and manually packed without delay to ensure their long-lasting freshness.

A tasty and aromatic fish, the Cuca Sardines are a sublime choice for any menu. The flavour is unparalleled, making it a staple of Spanish cuisine and particularly popular on tapas menus.

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Cuca is the premium brand of Conservas Selectas de Galicia, a company founded in the RĂ­as Baixas in 1932 which specialises in the selection and canning of the finest Galician seafood. Cuca aim to produce when the fat content or flavour of each product is at its best.