Hunted and Gathered – Rare Dry Gin Organic Dark Chocolate 45g


Four Pillars Gin and Hunted+Gathered have brought together their unique crafts and passion for nose-to-tail practices, creating a 70% Organic Dark Chocolate containing spent gin botanicals and gin-steamed oranges from Rare Dry Gin distillations.

Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, dried orange, Four Pillars Gin botanicals.

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This Rare Dry Gin Organic Dark Chocolate is 70% cacao and contains spent gin botanicals and gin-steamed oranges from Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin distillations. The Rare Dry Gin that has been awarded three double gold medals at prestigious international competitions.

Fresh from the stills, these elements travel directly from the Four Pillars Distillery in Healesville to the Hunted+Gathered chocolate factory in Cremorne.

This chocolate bar contains considerately sourced organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter, organic coconut sugar and dried botanicals.

Enjoy the bitter-sweet chocolate flavours, followed by notes of juniper, subtle but lingering cardamom and cassia, and the beautiful warm orange citrus character. This aromatic chocolate bar truly tastes like chocolate and gin (but worry not, there’s no booze at all in this).

Hunted and Gathered

Hunted + Gathered are a Melbourne collective whose singular mission is exploring the depths and flavours of the cacao bean, sourced directly from co-ops in Central and South America.