Vitalinti – Peruvian Cacao Nibs 227g


These Cacao Nibs, as a nutritional and flavour boost, can be added as a dessert topping, protein shakes, baked goods such as cookies (after all they are the original chocolate chip), yogurt and cereal.

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The Cacao Tree is said to originate from the Peruvian Amazon Rain Forest and is what gives fruit to the Cacao bean. The Cacao Beans are harvested with the same methods and passion which the Incas themselves used which is what determines its unique aroma and taste. The beans are roasted at a perfect temperature which assures the presence of its nutrients and unique aroma while adding a crunchy and remarkable taste.

It is worth noting that this amazing Superfood contains an important source of Dietary Fiber and Iron. Furthermore, this natural and delicious product has essential minerals such as: Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, Selenium, and Zinc.


Vitalinti's goal is to offer the best native superfoods, snacks and healthy ready-to-eat products. Their products have not been altered or processed to maintain all the natural properties and nutrients. The products are sourced from Peru, a country where rich, high-quality superfoods grow. Vitalinti also supports fair trade with the Peruvian farmers, and strive to showcase their native products to the world.