Ito Shoten – 3 Year Old Tamari 720ml


Top line tamari made from Japanese sourced soybeans, koji, and sea salt.

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This Ito Shoten gluten free Tamari is traditionally made from Japanese-sourced soybeans, Koji, and sea salt which is aged slowly and naturally for over three years in cedar barrels that are over 200 years old. Readily available, mass produced Tamari actually has sweeteners and colouring added to mimic real Tamari. This Tamari from Ito Shoten is the real stuff, and is very limited in supply. They can only obtain a fourth of the soy bean weight in liquid. Tamari has less sodium and more protein than regular soy sauce, and because it is made with 100% soy beans (with no wheat), it has more Umami and depth.

Dense, rich and intense, this is not exactly a substitute for soy sauce, so use sparingly.

Particularly good with raw fish, and adds a beautiful reddish hue when used in hot applications.

The Aichi Prefecture is known for very dark, rich miso, meaning this tamari has tremendous depth and character, like a fine wine.