Mount Zero – Australian Wild Olives 300g


The Mount Zero Wild Australian Olives have been allowed to self-sow and produce an olive like no other – small and bullet shaped fruit, with intense flavour.


These Australian Wild Olives may be small but they are mighty, packed with flavour from their relatively small size.

Much of Western Victoria (the Mount Zero Grove) and parts of South Australia were planted largely with grafted trees 50 – 100 years ago. Over time, as some groves have been allowed to go ‘wild’ and trees have self sown, the original root stock has grown through thus producing an olive like no other – small bullet shaped fruit, with an intense flavour.

Mount Zero is now supporting the regrowth of this original root stock and are producing a small amount of these wild (by nature & flavour) olives.

Fantastic as a table olive, for nicoise salads & mixed with almonds & lightly pan heated.

Mount Zero

Mount Zero is a family business three hours west of Melbourne on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. Commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero and all that they gather.