Pharmfarm – Black Barley 1kg


This ancient wholegrain is prized for it’s colour, flavour and nutritional value. Even when cooked, it stands alone thus is versatile in many dishes or on it’s won.


Grown in Western Australia, this Black Barley product is sought after for it’s flavour, colour and nutritional value that is low GI and contains high amount of protein, fibre, vitamin B6 and phosphorus.

It offers a more nutty taste than traditional barley and has an almost sweet flavour profile. Even when cooked, the individual grains remain separate and not only maintains their structure but also it’s gloss.

It will take on the flavour of any broth it is cooked in with the inside becoming full and juicy. When chewed, it pops with flavour. It can be deemed as a grain ‘caviar’.

With it’s hull-less feature, it requires less energy from the environment to produce the final product.

The culinary uses are endless. It can be used in soups, salads, stuffings, pilafs, slow cooked with red meat, in combination with other grains, or used on its own.

Black Barley currently graces the tables of such restaurants as Bennelong, Attica, Cumulus inc and Cumulus up, Wildflower, The Quay to name a few.

Delicious Produce Awards
2020 – Gold Medal National – “From the Earth’ category
2020 – State Winner WA – “From the Earth” category
2019 – State Winner WA – “From the Earth’ category
2018 – Gold Medallists – “From the Earth” category
2018 – Trophy Winner – “ From the Earth’ category – Best New Product – WA and National