Bennetto – Mint & Cocoa Nibs Chocolate 100g


Beautiful Peruvian dark chocolate balanced with pure mint oil and good splattering of crunchy cocoa nibs. With a minimum of 60% cocoa, this chocolate has no added soy, gluten or dairy. Certified vegan through the Vegan Society and Coeliac Society approved.

Ingredients: Ground Peruvian cocoa beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, peppermint oil, ground Madagascar vanilla beans.

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Bennetto Natural Foods Company is a small company in the big world of chocolate but they know what makes them special.

They take time to understand our own impact in the world by paying careful consideration to the people, animals and our planet, and at every step look at ways to minimise the footprint as best as possible.

The journey of the Bennetto 100gm bar range starts with the farmers cooperative called ‘Acopagro’. This Peruvian Fairtrade cooperative, made up of 2000 small-scale farmers, is based in the Amazon jungle. This long-standing cooperative supports education, opportunities for women and reforestation in the Amazon – while perfect growing conditions produce a vibrant and a naturally-fruity organic cocoa.

In addition to cocoa, these farmers also plant timber trees to increase the cocoa farmers’ long-term income. At the same time this planting offsets all carbon emissions produced during the chocolate manufacturing process. To be precise, 1 new tree is planted for every 1000 bars produced.


Bennetto Chocolate believe in the wellbeing of people, animals and the planet. Organic, Fairtrade, vegan, gluten-free.