Vitalinti – Peruvian Lucuma Powder 227g


This Lucuma Powder is great for preparing milk shakes, ice cream, desserts or even drinking with just water.

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The Peruvian Lucuma is a subtropical fruit that was valued as gold by the Incas. This golden fruit was valued for its intense yellow-orange pulp with a sweet taste, which marked the Incan culture and created a foundation for many Peruvian desserts. Keep in mind, this powder is made by dehydrating, at the perfect temperature to maintain its nutritional qualities, and then milled into the fine golden powder you have in the grasp of your hands.

This amazing Superfood has essential Protein and micronutrients, such as: Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, and Vitamin C. It is noteworthy, that this powder has Fiber and is a great natural alternative sweetener for sugar.


Vitalinti's goal is to offer the best native superfoods, snacks and healthy ready-to-eat products. Their products have not been altered or processed to maintain all the natural properties and nutrients. The products are sourced from Peru, a country where rich, high-quality superfoods grow. Vitalinti also supports fair trade with the Peruvian farmers, and strive to showcase their native products to the world.