Espinaler – Baby Squid Premium 115g


They are delicious taste and texture

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These Espinaler Baby Squid (Premium) are filled with their own tentacles, according to a hand made and delicate process. Olive oil is then added as a preserve.

They are delicious taste and texture.


Situated in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona), Espinaler is famous both for its tavern and for its top-quality seafood preserves from the Galician estuaries, as well as its well-known sauce for dressing these seafood conservas. The Espinaler brand was born in 1896, when Miquel Riera moved to Vilassar de Mar and opened the Espinaler tavern. Miquel Tapias Roldós, the founder’s great-grandson, took over the reins of the business in the 1970s and started to travel to Galicia to choose the best shellfish in person at the auctions. This was the start of the marketing of Espinaler canned seafood preserves, also know as Conservas. Now run by the fifth generation of the Riera family, the Espinaler tavern and shop has been voted the best Specialised Gourmet Shop in Spain. "This is the world's very best seafood. And here is what's so mind boggling... it only gets better in a can." Anthony Bourdian.