Kuyay – Milk Chocolate 50% 70g


Premium milk chocolate for the sweet chocolates lovers where the beans are grown in the Amazon and the milk imported from Belgium.

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This Kuyay Milk Chocolate is for the sweet chocolates lovers and to pamper the little ones in the house.

The powdered milk is imported from Belgium, which makes a perfect complement to the paste obtained from the Amazonian cocoa, achieving a delicious, creamy and healthy chocolate.

The cocoa is harvested from the farm and is harvested all year round every 15 days at its exact point of maturation and then it is shelled and selected, then it is fermented in wooden crates sheltered with banana leaves and finally it is dried under shade.

Ingredients: Cocoa, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk


Founders Carolina and Jonathan produces premium chocolates that are made from bean straight to bar. Their farm which they own, located in Bagua Grande, Amazonas, has been producing fine aroma cocoa for more than 80 years. Since 2016 they have been making their own chocolate bars with which have been awarded several international prizes.