Olsson’s – Sea Salt Blossoms 750g


From the pristine sea waters of South Australia, they are completely natural, chemical and preservative free. They are soft, sweet and delicate.

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The ancient tradition of making sea salt into flakes is a closely guarded secret and has taken over a decade for Olsson Pacific to perfect. Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes are made in the Spencer Gulf in South Australia.

Olsson’s Sea Salt Blossoms Flakes are:
• Soft, sweet and delicate
• Made from the pristine sea waters of the Great Australian Bight
• Completely natural, chemical and preservative free
• Exceptional sea salt taste

They can be used in curing, cooking, blending, coating & on the dining table.

Blossoms Sea Salt Flakes are named as such because they are like fluffy balls of sea salt that remind us of Wattle Blossoms and are found in the middle 30% of the flaker pan.


The Olsson Family have been making solar sea salt since 1948 and is the oldest family owned and operated sea salt maker in Australia. ​There are no chemical processes involved in the manufacture of their products, which is why they guarantee it is perfectly natural. Their sea salt is from two of the most pristine bodies of water found in Australia. Furthermore, pride is taken in maintaining all the marine minerals and trace elements found in these two unique locations.