Sakai Shoten – Hongarebushi Whole 300g


Whole hand-cut, simmered and smoked skip jack tuna fillets that have been fermented, moulded and sun dried on a rotating schedule over the course of 6 months.

Real, freshly shaved katsuobushi can be served as-is on top of rice or used as dashi; regardless, it is extremely flavorful and highly nutritious

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Hongarebushi are Skipjack tuna fillets that are fermented, moulded and sun-dried over the course of six months.

This is the finest grade of katsuoboshi produced in Japan. Katsuoboshi is shaved flakes of dried bonito fish. Paired with konbu, makes a subtle dashi (broth). Also brilliant as generous garnish to boiled vegetables or tossed with Japanese-style pickles.

Sakai Shoten

Sakai Shouten has been making Hongarebushi in Kagoshima prefecture of Kyushu since 1950